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JK Soft Tech Solutions is a prominent institute offering Robotics Training in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula. We conduct classes every day (7am -9pm).

Our aim is to prepare individuals for their careers. In this endeavor, we have the best trainers working for our students. These trainers have had illustrious professional backgrounds in their respective training subjects. Hence, our students enjoy the privilege of knowing the actual professional scenario while still being trained. Of course, it gives them confidence, which helps them make a good impression during the interviews.

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Moreover, the study material that is provided to the students is always equipped with the latest knowledge. It ensures that after the training at the interviews students are able to showcase their understanding for the present day industry requirements.

Why Join Robotics Training?

Robots are advanced machines that make complex and repetitive jobs easier. In the face of rising demand, automation is the need of every industry. After being trained in the Robotics Training from JK Soft Tech, you achieve the golden possibility of working for either the development of robots or making applications that make them function. Surely, this training can get you a career, which is full of excitement and bright prospects.

Mostly, people trained in Robotics Training build a career in the manufacturing sector. However, you also become eligible to be employed in the designing of bio-medical and surgical devices, sea exploration, modern warfare, and nuclear science.

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Minimum qualification for Robotics Training:

Any individual who has completed his 10+2 in Science with subjects like Chemistry, Biology, and Maths can take admission in this training. People, who have earned a B.Tech or BE from a recognized university are also eligible. Love for robots and general curiosity about how they work will make this training more interesting for you.

Why JK Soft Tech Solutions is the Best Option for Robotics Training?

JK Soft Tech Solutions is a student centered education destination. We act as a medium between aspiring minds and the industry. For us, students are like uncut diamonds and our trainers make efforts to polish their minds and prepare them for their professional lives.

Our Robotics Training consists of number of hours, which is appropriate for every student to understand the principles of the subject clearly. Moreover, our trainers use advanced teaching equipment for training students. In this way, not only it becomes easy for a student to grasp knowledge but he also finds the training exciting.

Our batches have a maximum of 5 students. It keeps the teacher-student ratio healthy. While students have no distraction, the trainer is able to focus on the needs of every student. Our trainers use a friendly way of teaching, which encourages students to take maximum participation in the class.

Our training hours are spread out throughout the day. Students can select the training timings as per their convenience. Even working people can take admission in the Robotics Training without hampering their professional lives.

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5 Characteristics That Makes Our Training Best

  1. Superior Infrastructure: Our classrooms are fully furnished with ACs to keep the environment comfortable throughout the year. It certainly helps our students focus and understand the subjects faster. 
  2. Assessment for Better Performance: Our trainers use a variety of assessing tools to gauge the performance of every student. At the end of the week, the student learns where he stands. Furthermore, as per the assessment results, the trainer gives appropriate guidance to those students, who are lagging behind. 
  3. Study Material and Good Library Facility: Right after admission, all our students are provided with study material that has been updated to meet the latest industry requirements. Our stat-of-art library is well packed with books and volumes from reputed publication houses. Since we have a good number of books, every student has access to them. 
  4. Classes Free of Cost: We are confident of our extraordinary way of imparting education. All interested students are welcome to attend our Robotics Training for free for 10 days before joining us.  
  5. Easy-to-reach Location: Our students can reach the institute very conveniently from bus stops and stations.

Robotics Training Placement Available

We believe all our students are exceptional and that is why they deserve the best. For helping them achieve their dreams, we have a team of counselors. They are well updated with the nitty-gritty of the professional arena. Post completion of the training, our counselors work alongside the students so that they find a fulfilling career option in the field.

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What You Will Learn in Robotics Training (An overview)

  1. Basic robotics
    1. Robot designing
    2. Building robotics
  2. Wired controlled robotics via
    1. Key pad
    2. Joy stick and others
  3. Wireless controlled robotics performed using
    1. Bluetooth
    2. RF (Radio Frequency)
    3. Computer
    4. Infra-red (IR)
    5. Mobile phone and so on
  4. Autonomous robots 
    1. Atmega 16,32 microcontrollers
    2. 8051 microcontrollers, etc.
  5. Robotic ARM (design and development)

Syllabus for the Robotics Training is dynamic. With the fast improvement in this field, new elements are added regularly. JK Soft Tech keeps track of all such developments and accordingly, brings changes to the syllabus.

A word of appreciation from our student

My experience at JK Soft Tech has been very rewarding. Soon after completing the Robotics Training, I received job offers from top-notch companies. Thanks to the updated study material and exceptional guidance from trainers, I was confident at the interviews. Having cleared the first round, I am all set for the next round of interview in an MNC.’’ – Ankit Gupta

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