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Students looking for HTML training in Chandigarh must know:

Html is the Hyper text Markup Language. It is the most basic mark up language for creating web pages. Both dynamic as well as static web pages can be created with HTML. HTML helps to connect one web page to another and that is the process of Hyper text. HTML perfectly describes the content as well as the structure of the web document. HTML works with opening and closing tags and the content is correctly written in between these tags. It is considered best to use lower case letters in HTML as well as CSS codes. This is done because most of the web servers are case sensitive.
Different parts of HTML that makes the language more useful and effective are:

  • Tags: Tags are important mark up strings and they are used by all the web browsers to interpret the commands. Tags in HTML can be written in lower as well as upper cases but it is the best practice to use lower case letters.
  • Elements: Elements are known as complete tags. They work with both opening and closing tags. It is not important to close some tags while writing code in HTML but it is recommended that every tag must be closed even if it is not necessary.
  • Attributes: To modify an HTML element, attributes are used. A single HTML element can have multiple attributes.

HTML 5 is being widely used these days as it has so many new and improved features that are not available in basic HTML.Various new tags have been introduced in HTML 5 that helps the users to create more effective web pages. HTML 5 was published in the year of 2014 by the W3C (World Wide consortium).

We provide our students with all the basic as well as advanced knowledge of HTML so that they are able to make unique and effective web pages. Our team of HTML training in Chandigarh is always ready to help the students at every step, ensuring better learning options.

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