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Introduction to Hadoop Training at JK Soft Tech Solutions

Chandigarh: Hadoop Training is gaining popularity in a great speed in the IT sectors. If you are looking for Hadoop Training in Chandigarh, then why not settle for the best.

JK Soft Tech Solutions Provides Hadoop Big Data Training in Chandigarh. JK Soft Tech Solutions provides with the best practical training sessions along with 100% practical and live based project training program. We have established the name in the field of Hadoop Training along with other IT Courses.

To be a  successful Hadoop Developer one needs to have a comprehensive knowledge and required skills in the field of Hadoop & Big Data. We provide with the complete knowledge of the various concepts of Hadoop, which includes Hadoop Cluster Single and multi-node, Zookeeper, Hadoop 2.0, Oozie Flume, Map-Reduce, Sqoop, Hadoop Distributed File System, PIG etc. A proper theoretical and practical knowledge will be provided during the course.

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Why Hadoop Training?

Big Data certification is one of the most recognized credentials of today. Big Data is a collection of complex and unstructured data sets that cannot be processed using regular processing applications or the database management tools.

While handling Big Data a lot of complications can be encountered such as storage, capture, sharing, curation, visualization and analysis. The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that enables distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming methods. It is designed to scale-up from one server to thousands of machines; each offering local computation and storage.

As the Bid data buzz is getting louder with Variations, Volume and Variety the requirements of Certified Hadoop technologists possessing the right skills to process big data by means of Hadoop are most looked after at the various companies worldwide. The career scope of the certified Hadoop technologists  is much in demand as compared to the non-certified peers.

Desired Qualifications for Joining Our Hadoop Training Program:

The knowledge of programming languages such as C++ or Java  or any of the Object Oriented Programming language is required to acquire the necessary skills to learn Hadoop.

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Why JK Soft Tech Solutions is the Ideal Option for Hadoop Training in Chandigarh:

At the end of the Big Data & Hadoop training, the students will be able to Master the concepts of Hadoop framework and  deploying it in a cluster environment.  Trained in high-level scripting frameworks Hive & Pig and execute data analytics using high-level scripting language under Hive & Pig. They will be trained to write complex Map Reduce Programs in MRv1 & MRv2 (Yarn).

The understanding of Ecosystem and the advanced components related to it such as Apache OOzie workflow scheduler,  Flume, etc.  will be acquired by the student. The students will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience in different configurations of clusters of Hadoop, troubleshooting, and its optimization. The student will comprehend  advanced concepts of parallel processing in Map Reduce.

The students will have a thorough knowledge of advanced concepts of Hadoop 2.0: Zookeeper,  Hbase, and Sqoop.  They will understand the Architecture of Hadoop with the knowledge of Hadoop Distribution File System operations principles of vHDFS 1.0 and vHDFS 2.0. The advance concepts of parallel processing in Map Reduce1.0 or MRv1 and Map Reduce 2.0 or MRv2 will be cleared by the end of the training. The techniques helpful in a live industrial scenario such as processing of Big Dataset with high efficiency and how to derive logical conclusions are taught during the training session.

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4 Salient Features of Our Training:

  1. The JK Soft Tech Solutions have the world class Infrastructure for the best of studying experience. We have a well-stocked library and provide with the study material to our students.
  2. One can check the Demo lectures before enrolling for the Hadoop training. We carry out tests at regular intervals for assessment of our students.
  3. JK Soft Tech Solutions guide you with studies as well  as with the placements after the training is completed.  Our classes comprise of expert counselors and trainers to provide you with the best training experience.
  4. Our training program will build the confidence of the student and will help them to get a desired job. The counselors at JK Soft Tech Solutions will be a support system for the students.

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Call and enrol now for Hadoop training using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

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