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JK Soft Tech Solutions has the Best Embedded Systems Training in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. We offer Regular Training, 6 Week, 6 Month Industrial Training according to the Students Need.

We have been striving for quality education for many years, and it is through our persistence and sheer hard work, that we have been able to provide quality education, as well as the opportunity to work in top MNCs, for our students.

We are an institute with a difference. Our classes run all through the day and we are happy to allot you the time which suits you best. This way, we ensure that students, who cannot attend the classes during daytime, also get a chance to enrol in the course and give a boost to their career.

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5 Salient Features of Our Embedded Systems Training:

  1. World Class Infrastructures: Our classrooms as well as computer labs are air conditioned. The infrastructure of the institute simulates the office environment where our students will finally work.
  2. A Well Stocked Library and Availability of Study Material: We have taken special care to stock our library with the best study material of the present time. The library is one of the most important resource centre for the student and that is why we keep it up to date.
  3. Regular Assessment: This regular assessment helps our teachers to understand the weakness and strength of their students and work on them promptly. In this way, not even a single student can lag behind during the classes.
  4. Demo Classes: Trust can be built only when the quality of education is matchless. We give you a chance to experience our quality teaching through our offer of a week long demo classes.
  5. Convenient Location: Our institute is easily accessible from railway stations as well as buses.

Helpline: 0172-401-4454

Embedded Systems Training – Learn the Core!

JK Soft Tech is the place to come, if you are searching for the most flexible and advanced Embedded Systems Training. We offer excellent facilities and hand on training program to the students so that they can receive adequate knowledge about this subject.

We have designed the courses in order for our student to be at ease and grasp the subject from the basic. We want our students to excel in the field of embedded systems and for this we have hired the best experts on this subject.

Moreover, we have designed the classes in such a manner that there are not more than 5 students at a time. This makes it easier for the teacher to understand the particular needs of the student, which increases both the quality as well as the speed of the learning process.

When it comes to Embedded Systems Training, the JK Soft Tech Institute has one of the best courses to offer. The demand of embedded systems is increasing day by day and it is the perfect time to grab this opportunity. Embedded systems are present in telecommunications, consumer goods, medial instruments, transportation system or wifi modems, etc.

Embedded systems computers are small in size, consume lower power, and come with a limited processing resources. They are present everywhere. This is the exact reason why companies are in great need of Embedded systems expert. We at JK Soft Tech create these experts who are so well versed in their field of expertise that they find themselves climbing the ladder of success in no time.

Call and enroll now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

Top 3 Reasons to Choose JK Soft Tech Solutions for Best Embedded Systems Training:

As a student, there are many things, along with a good curriculum, which help you in achieving success. We, at JK Soft Tech work very hard to give you the best.

  1. The Quality of Education at JK Soft Tech is At Par With the Best Institutes in the Country: The staff at JK Soft Tech consists of some of the best professionals in their respective fields. We have put a lot of hard work in designing our syllabus with the help of experts in the field. As a result, the quality of education at JK Soft Tech is matchless, giving our students an edge over others.
  2. We Provide an Atmosphere Which Stimulates Learning: The environment where learning takes place is equally and sometimes more important than the methods of teaching used. Keeping this in mind, we have created a stimulating environment for our students so that they can avail the best of facilities to enhance their skills.
  3. Generating Awareness Through Skill Building and Practice: At JK Soft Tech Solutions, it is our firm belief that the best method of learning is by doing. This is the reason why, we have included hours of practical training and skill building in the curriculum of our subjects. We know precisely well that when a student sits in a stimulating environment and starts solving problems himself, he is on his way to become an expert in his field.

Call and enroll now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

Embedded Systems Training Syllabus:

The syllabus for embedded systems is at par with the industry requirements. We have taken into consideration what the companies require from their embedded systems professional and designed our curriculum around that. You will find that we have covered all the subject comprehensively. Apart from this we have included practicals and training which will help you grasp the subject in very little time. The syllabus includes:

  1. Operating systems
  2. C++
  3. C and Data Structure
  4. ARM
  5. RTOS
  6. SCADA
  7. Linux Internal
  8. Linux Command Programming
  9. Device Drivers
  10. Software engineering
  11. Project implementation
  12. Advanced Embedded Systems
  13. Aptitude

Call and enroll now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

Desired Qualification:

The person enrolling in our embedded systems Training is required to have basic knowledge of internet applications as well as tools and any basic programming language like C or C++. An operational knowledge of the computer is also required. You are also encouraged to give us a call so we can help you out through the process and solve any doubts that you may be having regarding the course.


“After completing the Embedded Systems Training from JK Soft Tech, I feel really confident. I feel more confident to take the challenges involved in this field. I have attended few good job interviews and managed to perform great. Hope to receive a good job soon and a better career as well.” -Krishna Yadav

Embedded Systems Class Timings:

Batch #1: 08: 00 am to 10: 00 am

Batch #2: 10: 00 am to 12: 00 pm

Batch #3: 05: 00 pm to 07: 00 pm

Batch #4: 07: 00 pm to 09: 00 pm

Our Address:

Embedded Systems Coaching Dept- JK Soft Tech Solutions,
Top Floor, S.C.O 80-81-82, Sector-17 D, Chandigarh, 160017.
Phone Number: 0172-401-4454
Mobile Number: +91-987-837-4300, 91-987-24-14454
E-Mail ID: jksofttechsolutions@gmail.com

Call and enrol now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

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