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JK Soft Tech Solutions provides the Best Java Training in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Class Timings are Between 7Am and 9Pm.

We at JK Soft Tech Solutions understand that today’s education system is not equipped to enable the students to join the workforce as soon as they finish their education. The IT industry companies also doesn’t give the necessary training to the newcomers to help them understand the job profile. There is an urgent need to understand this problem and this is where JK Soft Tech Solutions comes into the picture.

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We have worked very hard to understand the exact needs of the industry and then crafted our courses to suit them. Our system is focused on sound practical training which is the only thing that the student uses once they have joined IT companies.

When it comes to providing tailor made quality education, JK Soft Tech stands ahead of all the other institutes in the country. Located in Chandigarh, JK Soft Tech Solutions aims to provide a comprehensive and technical education which not only makes the student aware of the subject but also ready to work in a Multi National Company. Yes, we train our students to be job ready as soon as they enrol.

We are proud to say that our faculty consists of dedicated experts in their fields who are working diligently with the students night and day. Studying at JK Soft Tech Solutions is a rich and fulfilling experience which gives wings to our students’ dreams.

Helpline: 0172-401-4454

Why Java Training?

Java is one of the most used as well as popular computer language used around the world. Java is fast, secure and reliable and without it there are plenty of websites as well as applications that will not work. Java is used everywhere, be it computers, mobile applications, supercomputers or robots.

As the market of Java is huge, the numbers of Java experts needed is also increasing day by day. The companies are looking for such professionals and ready to pay a good salary for the deserving experts.

At JK Soft Tech Solutions, we aim to create those experts who are the first preference of any company. Be it multinational companies, research organizations or educational organizations, Java experts are needed everywhere and our students are trained to the level of these multinationals.

Desired Qualification for Joining Our Java Training Program:

The basic qualifications needed to enrol in our Java Training course include a basic knowledge of a programming language like C or C++. Apart from this, students should also have a basic understanding of web based tools and applications.

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Why JK Soft Tech Solutions is the Best for Java Training in Chandigarh?

There are different colleges in the country which offer Java course as a part of their curriculum. The number of hours given to the teaching are very less and then to the practicals, even lesser. Thus, a student does not grasp the basics or the practical knowledge needed to work in a company setting, where a professional is expected to understand every detail of his work.

JK Soft Tech is the only institute that takes this matter seriously. We have designed special courses for Java Training so that there is no distraction for the student. We also make sure that the batches are concise with only 5 students in each. This is why our teachers are able to concentrate on every single student. The quality of education remains very high in this one-on-one study method and this is why our students learn their area of study with such mastery.

Apart from this, we help students to decide their time of classes themselves. Yes, we are not a regular institute. Our classes run all through the day and we are happy to allot you the time in which you can attend the class. This makes people who are working or otherwise engaged during the day to attend the classes in the evening.

5 Salient Features of Our Training:

  1. World Class Infrastructure which includes A C classrooms and computer labs. The facilities given to the students at JK Soft Tech are at par with the best institutes. We believe in quality and that is why our courses, training as well as ambiance are matchless.
  2. A Well Stocked Library And Availability Of Study Material: We give you all the resources needed to study and be the best that you can be in your area of expertise. 
  3. Regular Assessment: We know the importance assessment holds for learning and that is why, after a week of in depth training, we assess the students at the weekend. This regular assessment helps our teachers to understand the weakness and strength of their students and work on them promptly.
  4. Demo Classes: We at Jk Soft Tech believe in quality education and this is the reason why we give demo classes to all our prospective students. The period of the demo classes is one week, which is long enough to make up your mind. 
  5. Convenient Location: Our institute is easily accessible from railway stations as well as buses.

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Java Training- Placement Support

JK Soft Tech Solutions guides you not just through your studies, but till your placements in the professional world. We have a team of expert counsellors and experts who are working hard for your success. The training program gives the students enough confidence to get a job that they desire and our counsellors are a support system which helps the students realize their dreams. You are never alone at JK Soft Tech Solutions with our training and placement cell, we’ve got your back.

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Java Training Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Core Java Languages
  2. Object oriented programming
  3. Inheritance
  4. Internals of Java program
  5. Internal details related to JVM, JDK and JRE
  6. Variables & data types
  7. Advantage of OOPs
  8. Static variables
  9. Method overloading etc..

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“I have completed Java Training from JK Soft Tech. I was acquainted with the fact that once I will be exposed to the market, it will produce enough challenge for me as an IT professional. Due to this reason, I have joined their Advanced Java Training instead of going for other place. And the result is here. Now I am working in a MNC(Wipro) and able to handle all the jerks in this field efficiently:”Ankur Jain

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