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AngularJS training Chandigarh

For students looking for AngularJS training Chandigarh, here are the things you must know:
AngularJS is an effective and very powerful Java script framework that extends the HTML language with new and improved attributes. It is used for SPA (Single page Application) Projects and it is perfectly suited for those. Due to it’s additional attributes, it extends HTML Dom and makes it more responsive. AngularJS is also very easy to learn and understand. It is an open source application and is completely free to use. Thousands of developers around the world use AngularJS and this is licensed under Apache License of version 2.0. It can make effective single page web applications. Hence, your browser will load a single page regardless of the size of the application. Singular JS can be easily added to the HTML page with the help of tag. It also helps to bind the data to the HTML page with the help of expressions. It uses MVC (Model, view and controller) technique to develop front end web applications. It reads the HTML pages and interprets the data to get a useful output. Java script is basically used for AngularJS. Also, AngularJS is fully extensible and works very well with different libraries. Features can be modified according to the need for unique website development.

Required Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of HTML, Java script and CSs is required to learn Angular JS.
  • Basic knowledge of MVC is necessary.
  • DOM
  • JS features like Functions, events and error handling

AngularJS Training Chandigarh to students in this technology is given by professional team of developers. The experienced team makes sure that every student gets the theoretical, as well as practical knowledge of the AngularJS. It is one of the great technologies to learn and understand as it holds a bright future in the IT Sector. We have well planned structure of the whole course and mentors lay emphasis on giving more practical knowledge of the technology. They try their best to pay individual attention to all the students, so that the students are able to learn fast and they could use their knowledge to make unique websites and web applications.

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