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Software Testing Training


Software Testing Training - JK Softtech Solutions

JK Soft Tech Solutions Offers the Best Training for Software Testing in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Flexible Batch Timings. Morning and Evening Batches are Available for Working Students.

The JK Soft Tech Solutions is well known for imparting quality education which is the result of the dedication of our teachers and the hard work of our students. We aim for the success of each and every one of our students and this is the reason why we have prepared the syllabus and designed our classroom in such a way that it enhances the quality of education for everyone.

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Located in Chandigarh, the JK Soft Tech Solutions has been a well known in the field of education. Our staff, as well as our students, has been a part of this great education revolution which our institute is bringing.

We aim to achieve a higher employment rate with our students. That is why, we give them not just the theoretical knowledge of the subject, but the essential skills the make use of that knowledge. Because without skills, one cannot be hired by the MNCs which are in a great need of such qualified people.

Seeing this, we at JK Soft Tech Solutions decided to prepare the students for the jobs and not just their final exams. We have identified this huge gap between the education and the changing trends of the MNCs and other industries and we aim to fill this gap through our programs. That is why you will find our modules to be tailor made to suit every need of the Industry where our students aim to work.

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Why Software Testing Training?

One of the blooming fields in the IT industry, Software Testing is a lucrative career option. A company that spends a fortune on developing a software wants it to run smoothly and without any hitch.

A software tester is a professional who tests the software on different parameters to see whether it works or not. This task, however, is not easy and requires skilled software testing personnel who can answer questions about the software like- ‘does it respond correctly to all the commands?’ “Is it sufficiently usable?”  “can it be installed properly in the environment it is intended for?” and “does it meet the requirements for which it was made?”

To learn all this, one requires an exhaustive training which covers all the details as well as aspects of a software.


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Pre Requirements for Software Testing Training

The qualifications that you need to enroll in our program on Software Testing Training includes a complete and thorough knowledge of computer related application and tools. You are also required to have a basic knowledge of the web based applications. You are free to call us on the given numbers if you have any question regarding the course or the eligibility needed.


Why JK Soft Tech Solutions is Best for Software Testing Training?

A career in software testing holds a very bright future and the industry is in need of such testers in a very large number. We understand this urgent need and are preparing our students well to take on this task. We prepare our students so well that they become the first choice among all the deserving candidates. Here are a few features that make us different from all other educational institutions: 

  1. We Prepare Our Students For Their Jobs: We put great efforts in creating professionals out of our students. The courses are designed so as to give not just the knowledge of the subject, but the technical know how as well. Our teachers are experts in their fields who are working diligently to get you a job that is well paying as well as satisfying.
  2. Concise Batches: To create an atmosphere of success, we cannot fill a whole classroom with students and give them notes. If success is to be achieved each and every student has to get full and proper attention from the teacher. All our batches consist of only 5 students. This way, we can properly monitor each and everyone and provide guidance promptly. 
  3. Our Staff Is Well Equipped And Expert In Their Fields Of Study: There is only one thing important for our teachers and that is the success of the students. That is why, all the teachers at the JK Soft Tech Solutions are hard working and experts in their fields. They use the latest teaching methods and equipment to give you the best education in the field. They also act like a support system for our students, which is a blessing in itself. 
  4. Demo Classes: We want you to be satisfied before you even start studying at the JK Soft Tech Solutions. For this, you are free to attend a week long demo class at our institute. We want you to experience the quality education and the world class atmosphere of our institute before you even enrol for the course.

Call and enroll now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

Software Testing Training Syllabus:

Our syllabus is as comprehensive and relevant as our teaching methods are. We have included the best and the most important topics in your curriculum which will build a great foundation for your understanding of the course. The syllabus includes:

  1. Acceptance testing
  2. Database testing
  3. Exploratory testing
  4. Mobile testing
  5. Testing XML
  6. Testing the real time systems
  7. Testing web applications
  8. Security testing

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Placement After Software Testing Training

The numbers of placements from the JK Soft Tech Solutions are extremely high. We provide the placement facilities through our team of expert counselors who have years of experience in helping students to get these jobs that they have always dreamed of.

We also provide a 6 months live project, which is an internship project that is our way of guaranteeing a job for you. Through this internship your value in the professional market increases considerably and you have no trouble in finding the right job.

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“Well, I have complete software testing training from jk soft tech. Once I have completed this course, I was able to find a suitable job in a testing company. I can say that they are offering the best software testing training.” ~Sahil Sharma

“Completing software testing training from this institute has really enhanced my confidence. Now I can go out there and take any challenge during the interview.” ~Manish Garg

Software Testing (Training) Class Timings:

Testing Tools Class #1: 07: 00 am to 08: 30 am

Testing Tools Class #2: 09: 00 am to 10: 30 am

Testing Tools Class #3: 05: 00 pm to 06: 30 pm

Testing Tools Class #4: 07: 00 pm to 08: 30 pm


Our Address:

Software Testing Training Dept- JK Soft Tech Solutions,
Top Floor, S.C.O 80-81-82, Sector-17 D, Chandigarh, 160017.
Phone Number: 0172-401-4454
Mobile Number: +91-987-837-4300,91-987-24-14454
E-Mail ID:

Call and enrol now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

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