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JK Soft Tech Solutions has the Best C C++ Training in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. With the increasing demand of IT in various industries, the demand for professionals knowing various languages has also increased. However, the question arises how to learn & from where to learn these languages to fit in the ever growing IT industry.

We have seen many institutes flourishing like mushrooms and claiming to be the best in term of teaching languages like C C++, JAVA, .NET, C# etc. but unfortunately they make the students cram the theory and do not provide practical knowledge on them. This way students feel cheated when they go for interviews and are rejected.

Therefore, we provide customized C C++ training specially devised according to your particular needs which ranges from industry based training, especially training from team leaders, managers, other executives, even for schoolteachers & students and other IT professionals.

Our Vision

We always look for ways to improve and innovate. We take each & every change as an opportunity to grow and develop. We believe in teamwork. This not only breaks the monotony but also smoothens the entire working procedure making it run efficiently & easily. We do not aim for success but for excellence as we think that if you strive for excellence then success become inevitable for you.

Why C, C++ Training at JK Soft Tech Solutions?

First, we specialize in C & C++ Languages. We provide the ultimate training in C, C++. Not only theoretical & practical but we also make our training, interview oriented to make out students confident enough to get their place in various IT industries.

Basically, C programming was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at AT&T bell labs in USA for the Unix operating system. It is considered as the basic language for all the programming languages. To create various computer programs, C language is very popular & widely used programming language. The program in C is divided into functions and this approach is called a top down approach. Since we give the best training of C & C++, we are the leading institutes in software training.

Features of C Language Classes and C++ Training Program:

The main features of programming in C language are modular programming language, portal, & recursive. If you are already a programmer or aspire to become a programmer, there are so many advantages of learning to program in C.

To be able to read & write in C, will develop your insight for various areas of your interest. Today right from the MCU’s to the many latest OS’s are written in C language. Now C++ is just a step ahead of C & since C++ is an object oriented language it becomes quite easy to learn but keep in mind it is impossible to learn C++ without learning C first.

C++ was also developed at AT & T Bell Lab in the year 1980 by Bijarne Stroutsup. It has features like object, class, data Encapsulation, Inheritance, Data Abstraction, Polymorphism, and message passing which make it an object oriented programming language. Unlike C, it is bottom up approach and it is considered as the basic object oriented programming language.

  1. We have an exhaustive collection of books in our library. So if you want to have an extra edge over your peers or you want to hone your skills further feel free to use our library.
  2. Our teachers are certified and well trained. They are the facilitors of learning with unappalled skill. They give critical feedback and proper advice whenever required. It responds positively to the needs of students for holistic improvement. Our crew of faithful, dedicated, educated faculty members instructing various areas of the Classes is at its best.
  3. Our program is oriented towards excellent outcomes with little batch sizes that permit our faculty members to give focus to each student. Flexible timings: we offer the best timings keeping in mind the fact that earning is equally necessary while learning to elevate your parent’s burden. Therefore, we do have batches in the late evening as well as early in the morning specially for working professionals.

Our Timings

We have four C, C++ Training classes a day:

  1. 08: 00 am- 10: 00 am
  2. 11: 00 am- 01: 00 pm
  3. 04: 30 pm- 06: 30 pm
  4. 07: 00 pm- 09: 00 pm

Note: Basic Computer Knowledge is necessary for attending C Training.

Syllabus for C Language Classes:

Total Number of Modules: 9

Module 0:

  • – What are Algorithms and Flowcharts?

Module 1: Introduction

  • – The C Program Structure
  • – Simple C Program Examples
  • – Analysis of a C Program
  • – Building an Executable Version of a C Program

Module 2: Data Types and Variables in C Language Classes

  • – Operands, Operators & Arithmetic Expressions
  • – Data Types

Module 3: The Input and output Management

  • – Formatted Input Function
  • – Input (I/P) and output(O/P) Concept

Module 4: Control-Flow Statements

  • – The Data-checking process
  • -Looping Statements
  • -The Control-Flow Program Statements

Module 5: Modular Programming with Functions

  • – C Standard Library Functions
  • – Using Functions in the Check book Program
  • – Passing an Address to Modify a Value in Memory
  • – Passing Data to Functions
  • – The C Function

Module 6: Arrays, Pointers, and Strings

  • – Arrays , Pointers and the String functions

Module 7: Structures Concept in C Language Classes

  • – Structures
  • – Nesting Structures
  • – Passing Structures to Functions
  • – Arrays of Structures

Module 8: C language File Input and Output concept

  • – Combining Command-line
  • – Command-line Arguments

Module 9:

  • – C Training Project

When you are comfortable in writing C programs and once the C Language Classes are done, you can start with C++ Training.

C++ Training Syllabus

Total number of modules: 17

Module 1: Introduction to C++

  • – Creating a C++ training project
  • – Writing, compiling and running a program

Module 2: Exception handling

  • – Nested catch handlers
  • – Try…throw…catch block

Module 3: Virtual base classes

  • – Constructor and destructor ordering
  • – Virtual base class member access

Module 4: Virtual functions

  • – Virtual destructors

Module 5: Inheritance

  • – Protected members of a class
  • – Base class initialisation
  • – Inherited member access
  • – Base classes and derived classes

Module 6: Template classes

  • – File streams
  • – Static class members

Module 7: Copy constructor

  • – Assignment operator

Module 8: Function overloading

  • – Operator overloading

Module 9: Reference types

  • – Reference type arguments

Module 10: Classes in C++

  • – Class initialisation
  • – Friends to a class
  • – The new and delete operators
    Creating objects
  • – Data members and member functions

Module 11: Pointers

  • – Pointers to functions
  • – Memory slicing
  • – Arrays of pointers
  • – Pointers to character strings
  • – Pointer and arrays

Module 12: Storage Classes

  • – Global variables

Module 13: Arrays

  • – Working with character strings
  • – Character arrays
  • – Multi-dimensional arrays
  • – Array initialisation

Module 14: Functions

  • – Inline functions
  • – Default argument initializers
  • – Function prototyping
  • – Passing arguments

Module 15: Looping constructs: while, do…while, for loops

  • – Switch/case construct
  • – If…else statements

Module 16: Variables and data types

  • – Type conversions
  • – Operators
  • – Constants
  • – Expressions

Module 17:

C, C++ Training Project


“Jk Soft tech coaching has the best faculty & hi-tech labs, which helps me to understand the basics of C language very clearly and because of this, I was able to get my dream job”: – Surjeet

“Faculty is very helpful. They not help me in solving my problems but also guide me how to clear an interview”: Sandeep Singh

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