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JK Soft Tech Solutions is the Best place for Dot Net Training in Chandigarh. Class Timings: Between 7AM to 9PM.

Education process in our country is highly based on giving theoretical-knowledge. Our System is not facilitated to provide a platform which enables students to get hired in the IT industries.

This is where JK Soft Tech Solutions comes in. We are an institute that works by identifying the enormous gap between college teaching and the changing trends of the MNCs. We provide solution through our programs which are designed looking at the needs of the MNC companies. We have created our curriculum so that our students get the best study materials as well as coaching in the industry. In such a stimulating environment, success is guaranteed!

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Salient Features of Our Dot Net Training:

  1. Real-Time Education: Our syllabus is designed to help our students focus on the practical aspect of their learning so that they become experts in their respective fields. This way when you apply for a job, you know each and everything about your field of work. This is one of the key traits that employers look for in a candidate.
  2. A Dedicated Staff of Teachers: Our faculty is dedicated and hard working and aims to give results. Their efforts, as well as our student’s hard work combine to make a successful winning team.
  3. Flexible Timings: The timings of our institute are very flexible with morning, afternoon and evening batches being available. Students can choose the timing of the batch based on their particular requirements.
  4. Ease of Access: JK Soft Tech Solutions is easily accessible through all means of transport. You can reach the institute easily either through train or bus. The railway station is at a walking distance from our institute. Such a location helps our students to save time that is wasted in traveling.

Helpline: 0172-401-4454

Why Dot NET Training?

.NET is one of the most popular software framework which is developed by Microsoft. Programs of many languages can be run in this framework which runs primarily on Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio, which is used for developing programs for windows, websites, web applications as well as web services, uses .NET framework. Almost all of the applications, that are made for windows, are developed on .NET platform.

Developers all over the world need a functional knowledge of .NET and the JK Soft Tech Solutions is one of the premium institute which provides a comprehensive training in Dot Net.

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Why JK Soft Tech Solutions has the Best Dot NET Training in Chandigarh?

A career in Dot NET is one of the most sought after career in the present times. We are working with students from all walks of life to achieve their dream. We have created a curriculum that is designed according to the needs of the industry. We provide an education which is not just theoretical but practical in approach. This makes our students confident when they sit for an interview.

What Makes Us Different:

  1. We Teach Our Students Practical Knowledge Which They Can Use On-site. With intensive training of all the practical aspect of .NET, every student has a  complete and thorough knowledge of the field. This is the reason why they are ready to work as soon as they complete our course.
  2. Small Batches: The batches in our institute consist of only 5 students at a time. This helps the teachers to concentrate on each and every student. This is the reason why our students deliver results.
  3. Our Team of Experts are Always Ready to Help: Our staff is our best asset. We have teachers who are not just dedicated but are experts in their fields. The support of our faculty members is one of the building blocks of our success and it is something that can not be replaced.
  4. Library and Study Material Facilities. Our library is well stocked, full of book, journals and papers for your study. Apart from this, we provide study materials for all our courses.
  5. Demo Classes: At JK Soft Tech Solutions, we aim to please, that is why, we give you one whole week of free demo classes. This way, you can feel the difference yourself.
  6. World Class Infrastructure: We provide facilities which are in tune with the best education institutes in the country today. We have air conditioned classrooms as well as computer labs which are an added advantage in the learning process of our students. In addition to that, we have a well stocked library, a world class infrastructure which matches the working environment that our students will finally belong to.

Call and enroll now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

Dot Net Training Syllabus:

Our syllabus is structured to give our students the best possible education in the field. We also take care to include modules which are specially required by the industry. Students will go through several technical features associated with Dot Net and will get both the practical and theoretical training on them. State Management, ASP .Net, Master Pages, Data Access and Customer Controls will be the prime subjects for which they will be trained through our Dot Net training program.

.NET Training Placement:

We are a dedicated team of experts who want the best for each of our students. When you succeed, we succeed. For this reason, we have expert counselors who are determined to give the best counseling and opportunity to each of our students. The experience as well as qualifications of these counselors help them to assist you throughout your job application and interview process.

Our commitment is to provide the best. Be it education, infrastructure or support, we give you everything you need to give wings to your dream. For this, we also offer free Demo classes for a week. This is a perfect way to see our teaching methods, modules and facilities. You can call us to attend demo classes any time and feel the difference yourself.

Call and enroll now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454


“After going their .Net training program, I really feel confident as a .Net professional. Now I can take any challenge in this field that will come in my career.” -Sourav Kumar

Dot NET Class Timings:

From 08: 00 am to 10: 00 am

From 11: 00 am to 01: 00 pm

From 04: 30 pm to 06: 30 pm

From 07: 00 pm to 09: 00 pm

Our Address:

Dot NET Training- JK Soft Tech Solutions,
Top Floor, S.C.O 80-81-82, Sector-17 D, Chandigarh, 160017.
Phone Number: 0172-401-4454
Mobile Number: +91-987-837-4300, 91-987-24-14454
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Call and enroll now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

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