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JK Soft Tech Solutions is a reputed B Tech Projects training institute located in Chandigarh. Our classes take place from 7am to 9pm.

Our endeavor is to prepare students for their professional stint in the IT domain. For this purpose, we provide training in a host of IT related subjects. Although these subjects are taught during formal education, not enough emphasis is laid upon their utility in the professional world. Consequently, after completing formal education, students are not enough confident of their knowledge and are unable to find employment.

JK Soft Tech Solutions makes effort to train an individual so that he finds a suitable place in the IT industry. In this regard, we have the best trainers working diligently for our students. They have acquired their education from prestigious universities and have professional experience. All this combined with our exceptional teaching tools makes our training the one solution that can get you a good professional break.

We conduct fast enrolment. Call 0172-401-4454!

Why Do You Need B Tech Projects Training?

B Tech Projects Training from JK Soft Tech Solutions will help you understand the subject of your project very well. It will surely help you earn good marks in your Bachelors education, which will make your path easy for higher education.

The training acts as an eye opener for many. Students, who only choose a random subject for their B Tech project, fall in love with it after being trained by us. Many of them decide to specialize in it and study it in their post-graduation.

In case, you plan to work after B Tech then B.Tech Projects training is perfect for you. Our trainers can help you achieve knowledge and gain confidence that would help you make a lasting impression on the interviewers. We also have extensive placement assistance for all students. You are encouraged to talk to our counselors for correct professional guidance.

Qualification for the Training

Any student pursuing B.Tech from a University is eligible for admission in this training. People, who are already working, can also join the training for enhancing their level of knowledge in a particular subject.

We conduct fast enrolment. Call 0172-401-4454!

Why Choosing JK Soft Tech Solutions Is The Best Career Decision?

Our institute focuses on the welfare of the students. These days, formal education centers hardly pay attention to the current needs of the IT industry. Mostly, they teach old concepts using outdated teaching methods.

At JK Soft Tech Solutions, we perform regular research to gauge what the IT industry wants in its employees. Based on it, we devise the curriculum. In this way, all our trained students are well acquainted with the knowledge that helps them acquire a job quickly.

The duration of our classes is long which allows the students to not only learn new concepts at ease but also discuss their doubts with their trainers. Additionally, as no batch comprises more than 5 students, our trainers are able to cater to the questions asked by every student and clarify their doubts.

It does not matter whether you are a student or a working individual. Our class timings are suitable for everyone. Contact our center at 0172-401-4454 and learn about the variety of available timings.

5 Remarkable Features of JK Soft Tech Solutions:

  1. Constructive Environment: We take all the required steps to make our students comfortable as they spend time here. Our classes are equipped with ACs and modern machines are used to give practical understanding of the subject. It empowers the student with the correct knowledge in a short time frame. 
  2. Essential Student Assessment: Our trainers make immense efforts in honing the skills of every student. In this regard, they perform weekly assessment of the entire batch. The student is informed about his progress report and if he is found to be weak, the trainer assumes the responsibility of helping him improve his skills.
  3. Library Service and Study Material: Students of JK Soft Tech enjoy the exclusive privilege of borrowing latest volumes of help books from our library. Furthermore, the study material that we issue to the students is developed by experts and contains updated information of the relevant subjects. 
  4. Attend Demo Classes And Then Decide: We are proud of our way of training students and we would like every aspiring student to attend our classes for 7 days. No fee will be charged. If you like our training methods (which we are sure you will!), you could join us right away.
  5. Ease of Access: All our centers are located close to stations and bus stops. That is why students from all locations easily reach us daily.

Placement Assistance For All:

Our counselors are more than happy to provide placement assistance to students. They are qualified professionals, who stay updated regarding recruitment in a host of companies. Apart from helping students get a professional break, these counselors also guide students by providing authentic information to their career related queries.

We conduct fast enrolment. Call 0172-401-4454!

What You Will Study During B Tech Projects Training:

  1. JAVA JEE (JAVA EE, Hibernate, Oracle, etc.)
  2. Microsoft .NET
  3. Android application development (mobile)
  4. Testing of software via Open source testing tools
  5. Development mobile application via JME 

…and many more

Please contact JK Soft Tech institute at 0172-401-4454 and get a complete list of B tech projects.

One of our many successful students says:

I was not confident enough of the B Tech project. The professors at the University never had the time to make my concepts clear. At JK Soft Tech, I received the right guidance and all my doubts were well handled by my trainer. Now, I am confident to apply for a job in IT companies right after my final year exam results.” – Yogesh Pratap

Our Contact Information:

B Tech Projects – JK Soft Tech Solutions
Address: Top Floor, S.C.O 80-81-82, Sector 17D, Chandigarh
Phone Number: 0172-401-4454
Mobile Number: +91-98783-74300,91-987-24-14454
E-Mail ID: jksofttechsolutions@gmail.com

We have slashed fees! Avail the training at a cheaper price. Call 0172-401-4454 and ask for discounts!

Join us and attend classes for 30 days. In case, you do not find our b tech projects training enough satisfactory, we shall pay back your fees.

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