jQuery Training

jQuery Training

jQuery training

Students looking for jQuery training must know:
Jquery is a small, fast and full of features Java script library. It is very effective in making HTML documents, animation, event handling and even ajax much simple and easy to understand and use. The advancement of Jquery has changed the way how people used to write Java script codes i.e. it simplifies the Java script programming and makes writing code much easier. Jquery is also easy to learn and it effectively improves and simplifies client side scripting of HTML language. Jquery software is available free of cost and no special license is required to use it. Syntax of Jquery has been created to make navigation to a document easier and also to develop Ajax applications easily. Jquery approach also helps in the creation of dynamic web pages.

There are mainly two different ways to use Jquery:

  • By downloading library f Jquery on your computer and embed it in the HTML code to use it.
  • Instead of downloading the whole library, Jquery library can also be included into the HTML code directly from the CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Jquery has been designed to simplify various different tasks by creating or writing less code.

Some important features of Jquery are:

  • Jquery has made it easier to select DOM elements and modify the content by using Sizzle that is an open source selector engine.
  • It makes event handling easier. Jquery has great ways to capture events without confusing or jumbling the whole HTML code with constant event handler requests.
  • Ajax technology can be used to develop or create responsive site with the help of Jquery.
  • Built in animation effects of Jquery will definitely help to embed different animations in the websites.
  • The most important feature of Jquery is that it is very lightweight and very small in size of about 20 kb.
  • Interestingly, Jquery supports almost all different browsers like Safari, chrome, IE etc.
  • Latest technology like CSS3 selectors is supported by Jquery.

Our dedicated team will teach Jquery to students and will help them understand the importance of it and will teach them how to use it to make their web pages even more effective.

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