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If you are looking for JavaScript Training Chandigarh, following are the things you must know about:

Javascript is a programming language integrated with HTML. It was first used in 1995 and its name was live script back then. It is an open language and can be easily integrated with Java. It is easy to understand and implement. Syntax that we use in Javascript, has actually been derived from C language. Java script can also be used in non web based environments like PDF’s or widgets that remain on the desktop. Various newer and faster Java scripts JVM’s are being used today, thereby increasing the popularity of Java script. JS is high level and dynamic programming language. Now a days, programmers are using Java script along with CSS and HTML and has become an essential part of content creation. Java script is supported by all the browsers, so it is easily accessible. It is a popular client side scripting language and is still widely used to add various effects to the web page.


Java script has so many features that make it a useful programming language.

  • It supports different browsers and you do not need to install extra plugin to use Java script like you have to install a flash plugin to view flash content. This is due to the fact that all plugins have accepted Javascript as a scripting language.
  • Java script is a flexible programming language and can be used on both client and server side with much ease. This means, a person can make changes to his code at runtime and can add various effects to his web pages according to his need.
  • Interestingly, Java script is also a functional programming language that means functions can be easily assigned to variables in Java script. In this, a function can also accept some other function as parameter and this gives a person the ability to code without any issues.
  • Java script is also an object oriented language and handles objects and inheritance process very easily.

We help our students to learn and understand Javascript in the easiest way. This helps them to be able to code properly and create more effective web pages. The destination for Javascript training Chandigarh is JK Softtech Solutions.

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