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IT Training

As the IT industry is growing rapidly, the gap between the education imparted at the college and the skills required at work is deepening. There is an urgent need to fill this gap so that the years and resources that a student spends on his or her education does not go futile. This is why students must seek for expert IT training.

We at JK Soft Tech are working hard to achieve this goal through engaging the best real-time faculty and providing one on one training in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. We aim to provide education which is not only practical, but in great demand. This is the reason why our students are the preferred choice of many MNC’s all over India.

Training by X-employees of Siemens and IBM.

Our key features:

  1. Our IT Training is in tune with the current industry requirements and standards.
  2. The costs of the courses are affordable.
  3. Flexible Timings: Our institute is open all day long, so you can arrange the time of your studies according to your needs.
  4. We provide one on one training which enhances the quality of learning considerably.
  5. We provide Free demo classes to give you a glimpse of this new generation of education which aims to give your career a boost.

C, C++ Training

C and C++ are the most basic languages. All the other languages like Java , PHP etc are developed based on the C and C++ only. If you want a career in programming then it is very essential that you know the basics of programming. Once you know the basics then it will be easy for you to learn the current trends of programming. All these basics are provided in our exclusive C and C++ Coaching.

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PHP Training

PHP is the most widely used language for creating dynamic websites. Google themselves have admitted that more than 75% of the internet websites (dynamic) are created using PHP Programming language. When there is such a greate demand for PHP, it is also important that the MNC companies need high quality of PHP Developers. We are interested in creating high quality / standard PHP Develpers. For more information on our exclusive PHP training please use this link.

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.NET Training

As the country is witnessing a rapid growth in every field, especially Information Technology, the need for qualified .NET professionals is also increasing. There is, however, a large gap between the theoretical knowledge given in the colleges and the practical skills needed to apply it. As a result of this gap, many students find themselves lacking essential skills and practical knowledge. This is why we at JK Soft Tech Solutions have taken the first step to fill this gap. Our modules as well as training schedules are tailor made to the industry and our students find a wide range of employers to choose from once they finish their course.

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Software Testing Training

Software Testing is one of the upcoming fields in the IT industry and companies are ready to pay a fortune to make sure their software runs smoothly. This task, however, is not easy and requires skilled software testing personnel who can answer questions about the software like does it respond correctly to all the commands, is it sufficiently usable, can it be installed properly in the environment it is intended for and does it meet the requirements for which it was made?

To learn all this, one requires an exhaustive training which covers all the details as well as aspects of a software.

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Java Training

Java is the world’s most popular programming language, with over 9 million developers around the world. The competition, therefore being tough. We, at JK Soft Tech, understand this and provide Core Java Training and Advanced Java Training unlike any other. You can trust us to give you the best of training so that you are an expert in Java as soon as you start working.

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Android Training

Android training is gaining favour in the IT training and this is precisely where we come in to help you. JK Soft Tech Solutions offers courses in Android training which will take you and your career to new heights. The key feature of our course includes a concise batch and one on one training which will make you industry-ready as soon as you finish the course.

We have designed our syllabus for Android training comprehensively to give you an edge above others.

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Python Training

Python is a high level programming language which has a use in almost all IT companies. We aim to give our students a comprehensive and up to date training in Python, to make our students ready for the market. The gap between theory and practical ends here and with our great computer labs, experienced faculty, flexible timings and one on one training method, JK Soft Tech Solutions gives wings to your dreams.

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Embedded Systems Training

When it comes to Embedded Systems Training, JK Soft Tech Solutions offers one of the best courses available today. Embedded systems are found in a variety of electronics. Be it telecommunications, consumer goods, medial instruments, transportation system or wifi modems, embedded systems are present everywhere. This is the exact reason why companies are in great need of Embedded systems expert. We at JK Soft Tech create these experts who are so well versed in their field of expertise that they find themselves climbing the ladder of success in no time.

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MATLAB Training

MATLAB or matrix laboratory is a fourth generation computer language used primarily for numerical computing. MATLAB is extensively used by industries as well as research institutes. The need for MATLAB experts is increasing day by day and JK Soft Tech aims to meet those needs by training its students to the level of industry requirement. For this, we have created a different kind of learning environment where a student can pick a convenient time of study and get training from experienced faculty. Once trained, our students are hired by topmost companies around the world.

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Web Designing Training

Web designing is an upcoming field of expertise which is finding a place for itself in the world of internet. Web designing includes many aspects including graphic, optimisation, user interface, etc. As the number of websites are increasing the need for expert people who can design outstanding websites is also increasing. As trainers, we make sure that our students are creative, independent and authentic while making web designs. To achieve this goal, we have a dedicated faculty who works with students one on one to help them achieve their dreams.

SEO Training

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important things while making a website. The need to optimise the content is as important as creating the website, because without SEO the site will never be visible to anyone. The SEO experts are people who optimise Website, which then becomes visible over the internet, attracting customers and gaining profits. Our SEO training helps students to create a great career in SEO through our program.

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We also provide free career counseling for our students. Feel free to drop by any time for Demo Classes.

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JK Soft Tech Solutions – Industrial IT Training
Top Floor, S.C.O 80-81-82,Sector 17 D, Chandigarh, 160017
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Call and enrol now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

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